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Year End Bakes 2013

It was a great year, these last couple of months was tiring but very interesting, students now had more yeast dough knowledge than before so i guess they are reading nowadays. I mean reading more and more before they come to class compared to years before when some students barely know what household measure is versus gram scales. Below are just some of the breads we baked in class. It was fun to play with the dough if you know what you are doing. Going back to the tiring question if 3 days is enough to learn all these, my answer of course is not. I cannot pick a right term for it, but neither i nor Daniel Leader of Bread Alone learned how to bake breads in 3 days. My baking class used to be 4-5 days, reduced to just 3 to make it cheaper for everyone to get a glimpse of commercial baking. However, you can do it. 3 days is better than nothing at all. The only quirk i have is that i do not accept 1-2 day sessions, it has to be a minimum of 3. Happy New Year to all!!! ABOVE ARE ART…