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If you already have a copy of the ebook then you probably have read some of the things here, proofing is not judged by the time although we normally use the clock to know where we are at when we are proofing doughs, and to set the timer when we need to check on the dough etc.,

If only we can all have one of those proofing cabinets with built in timers and thermostats right? but not. First off, they are expensive. If i am selling Pandesal in my neighborhood, like most Filipinos do since Magellan stepped in Cebu, why bother? If you plan to operate like Goldilock's and the French Baker, then you might need to get one of those huge Proofers. I have seen one on sale here for at least a thousand dollars which is not bad considering it can fit 24 half sheet pans. Back home, one of my students bought a metal, not aluminum fabricated proofing cabinet and it looks bad from the outside, way much worst on the inside because of the rusting.

I was thinking she could have just asked someone to …