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Baked Siopao

As promised these are images taken in Sacramento when i made my cousins some Siopao, half of which i steamed and half i shoved into the oven. I did not use the same dough for the Baked version, the end product was dry and heavy maybe because of the extra sugar/less water in the Siopao dough not to mention it does not have eggs compared to the Baked version. I used the Soft Bun dough recipe, actually any kind of plain yeast dough will do. Same proofing and baking, the only thing different i guess is that i placed a hard boiled egg inside instead of the usual salted egg.

Lucky enough to use two bowls, each batch is 500 grams of All Purpose Flour.

Dough still looking rough, takes time to mix using a Kitchen Aid. Just make sure the mixer does not over heat.

Relaxing the dough for 30 minutes, this allows the dough to not only mellow but for the mixer to cool down as well. You can cook the filling during resting times if you want although mine was already cooked the day before.

Scaling time…