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10 Quart Mixer

If you ask me, a 10-quart mixer this size looked very heavy and so i thought when i first tried this way back 1998. Not anymore. I mixed some dough the other day and i was surprised to find the bowls sooooo light like a feather compared to my 20 quart bowl. I used to complain about how heavy it was before and i would even wait for my helper to show up before i make a batch of rolls. Or ask my sister if her helper can come over so she can help me out, you know how those helpers are, they disappear as fast as your cellphone load. Anyway, it looked like the heavy lifting did me some good so i am not going to be dragged down by the weight of the bowl anymore, good for everyone, there will always be breads on the table. This batch is 1 kilogram, a sweet yeast dough where half was used for the cinnamon rolls and half for plain dinner rolls. The recipe has 18% sugar, 15% eggyolks, 15% butter, and 2% yeast. Other than these, the rest of the formula is pretty much the same like your ordina…