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Malunggay Bread

View detailed article on Malunggay Sandwich Bread in my website, for ideas on how you can make Malunggay variations on breads, not just Pandesal.

Not that hard, very easy to make as long as you know how to make breads.

I purposely used a bit more water in the dough, (sinadya kong dagdagan ang tubig para maging mas malambot ang tinapay). If you have tried baking breads, the mixing part is the most difficult that is why i still insist on giving hands on sessions, not just demo, and more than just ONE DAY LESSONS, NOT EVEN TWO DAYS, BUT AT LEAST 3 DAYS so you will get to know the DOUGH BETTER.
I prefer my sandwich breads with an open grain structure, in Tagalog, medyo buhaghag at alsado. Yung iba, gusto ng siksik, pero sa Monay ko lang gusto yung medyo siksik.

Since this sandwich bread was made of a Sponge, the shelf life was for about two weeks, at 60 F. I did not find out anymore if it will last for more than that, it was sitting on my baking table and John …