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March Baking Lessons

The schedule for March will be 9 13 and 16, all hands on session from 9 am till about 2:30 PM.  This is a non-stop baking class, we start at 9 am sharp with lectures and introduction of what we will do, and we get to have our lunch break only when all 3 kgs of base flour have been mixed.
Which means students have to eat a heavy breakfast, you are free to bring something to snack around with you but we will have coffee and crackers so don't worry. Let me know if you're under medication so you can take your mini break. 
All 3 kgs base flour will be in the proofer usually around 1 pm and then we take our break. Wait time is not that long, before you're even finish with your lunch the oven is already pre-heating and the dough is ready for baking. 
All breads will be ready at around 2 to 3 pm. Then before everyone goes home, I will explain the assignments. Yes, meron pong assignments, so please don't forget to bring a pen to write down details or you can record my instructions…