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TIMING In Baking

The following is a question i received today and it was basically what is bread making is all about so i am posting it here. The hype over the iPhone 6 coming out is in the open but let us bread makers take note of some interesting points here before we lose our heads. Not an apple fan but i am sure everyone is salivating over this new release.

Here it goes:

On my 3rd batch - i made a sponge for my 2 kilo bread. Ginawa kopo ung sponge around 3pm, by 12am nilagay kopo sa freezer (ndi ko na kinaya magwork napagod po ako) - nilagay kopo sa freezer then by 8:30 am - nilabas ko, medyo matigad pero i smelled it - parehas prin ang amoy - pwede pa po ba itu even though lumagpas na sa 12-14 hours mark? Huhu :(

For beginning bakers, there is nothing unusual about what she did here. We as beginners get excited, we start a project and we thought oh, at so and so i am going to mix this one. When you hear the word sponge, and by industry standards, if it is a sponge, we usually do it or mix it at ni…