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Cake Decorating Lessons

We are only on Day 2 so there is still 1 more session to go but i want to post these beautiful cupcakes because... I just have to. I woke up early today and had a good sleep so i am feeling refreshed once again. After my class yesterday, i fell asleep while watching tv for like 2 hours and woke up with this horrible pain in my legs and feet. Comes with the job of hovering around, standing up, running over to my students to check their flowers, checking their lunch, mixing the icing, adding sugar etc., etc.,

A day like this, if i can still manage the pain, i don't take The pill. I just look at it and ask myself, do i really need this, or maybe just not yet. If i pop it inside my mouth, that means i have to be awake up until 2 am, eyes wide open, maybe sipping tea and eating... so i decided to take just half just so i can sit and walk to get dinner. Go down the stairs and brush my teeth. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, i love to see Annie Cacho back in my class. She took breads with me and reunio…