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Filling In

Sometimes putting a filling in a dough can be tricky if you are a beginner. There are tricks and techniques to do it fast and easy, but if you ask me, the best tip is to practice doing it. When i was in Purefood's, the Corned Beef filling was cooked before the bakers leave the lab, placed on large baking sheets and then frozen. They will be scored and cut in the morning and used to fill the Cracked Corned Beef Pan de Sal which was sold in Shell gas stations before. Pan de Sals that did not crack will be sold at P8.00each, and the cracked ones at P12.00 Freezing the filling is just one trick especially if the filling is oily. I use a tad bit of cornstarch to thicken the sauce making it a bit tight. The filling should be placed in the center and sealed tight. The seal is at the bottom, always at the bottom when placed on a greased baking sheet. My prayers for the Manilans experiencing heavy rains today. I feel so sad, all my gadgets and tools for baking and cake decorati…