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One Week Old Pan de Sal

Tuesday and i am looking at the one lone piece of Pan de Sal left from last Tuesday's batch. Yup, this is one week old, and i just ate one piece for breakfast yesterday, and one again last night. Was it dry? Did i toast or reheat the bread? Nope. No time to go down at 9 pm while watching the Mets, oooh, i was also home alone so i did not want to turn on the lights and yank the toaster on. Creepy. So there i was munching on the Pan de Sal which i had previously filled with a slice of light cheddar, and i was really smiling. First, it is warm in New York, not exactly the kind of temperature that is conducive to extended food preservation, in short, almost lahat ng pagkain sa bahay madaling mapanis. During winter, we just leave the food on the table or in the pantry, marinate your chicken and just put it covered on the pantry shelf. Summer pretty much clogs your refrigerator and freezer kasi lahat ng pagkain dapat naka ref or freezer or else, pati kanin nasisira. So this Pan de Sa…