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Cupcake and Gumpaste with Fondant

I will have a CUPCAKE AND FONDANT/GUMPASTE class on November 25 and 30, seems like there is a lot of interest with these now that Christmas is coming. Text me if you are interested at 09293145463, i will accept only 7 students, class starts at 9 am. No time limit.

Fee is P2700.00 inclusive of the cupcakes, but you need to bring ingredients for your own gumpaste and fondant which you will bring home with you so you can practice making the flowers below. No need to bring the cutters and modelling tools yet, you can buy them later after the class if you like. If you already have them, the better but it is optional.

Ingredients for the gumpaste and fondant includes,

confectioner's sugar, 4 lbs (you will have plenty of leftovers,plus this will make a lot of flowers already)
powdered gelatine
Tylose** cheaper than gum tragacanth, you can all purchase these items at Sweetcraft, 373 Boni Avenue, i saw smaller packs of Tylose here which you need in small amounts to make…