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Showing posts from February 28, 2012

February Session

Sipping warm berry zinger and salabat tea with a squeeze of half a lemon, one week and i am still reeling from this nightmarish of a cough and headache. So yes, i have not baked for a week now, a record feat since i was hospitalized 8 years ago.

I know myself, i am a workhorse when it comes to baking, i even managed to make a dough night the before i left for New York, a cookie dough that is for my sister. If i get wind of you saying how much you loved the cookie, you will get a batch a few days after. That is me. To some Pinoys it is OA, KSP, whatever.

Anyway, so Yola emailed me last night, told me oh, yes, you just renewed your Silver package, so da da da da da. I was told to unpublish my site, then republish it. I think my finger got kalyo, doing this over and over so i gave up and emailed them back. If my site does not go back, well, i found a new home.

Please go over to my Weebly site and i promise to make it look better than my yola. Still a work in progress, i am trying to o…