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January class

Dough proofed and ready for the oven. I did not take too many pictures this month which is odd, i guess this is photo taking fatigue. Two months from now and i will be preparing to go back to New York which makes me sad. Like i said, i hate travelling so much, hate it the way we all dread getting our teeth pulled. This was a hectic month also, my phone line is smoking, i mean calls after calls, i mix up their names. I feel happy when i see young blood in my class, this time two boys fresh off college. Good luck to you guys, i hope you learn the virtue of patience and work out your time line. Do not rush it, you will get there. I did not learn all these in a month, two months etc., Incidentally, my February class got full fast. All 7 slots so i am opening another one for February 24 26 28 just in case someone wants to get an earlier than March session. I will still have my last one on March, but this is for those who will ultimately get to that 11th hour, in time before i leave …