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when you hear the words baked goods, it is as if you get that annoying aversion to it and try to get it off your mind. baked goods equal fats, and fats mean those extra pounds on your waistline and thighs. addicting just like texting to some, having fondness for baked goodies just seem to put one in trouble, maybe not a day after you eat them, but believe me, when you breads and cookies, who does the counting? nobody. and so, one bite after another, time flies and you just wake up one day with a whopping flab on your tummy, courtesy of your favorite sweet rolls.

my weakness is pandesal. i remember when i was recuperating from a major surgery, i had to go home and sit by my mixer while instructing my helper to do all the mixing for me. i was craving for my homemade pandesal and the bought ones just won't do the job. when you start baking your own breads, your taste buds sor t of readjust and reject what it doesn't know. i just couldn't eat them anymore unless i slather it …