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June class 2015

Love love the class this June. I enjoyed the company of true bread aficionados, wuich made me realize iba Pala feeling pag ang mga kasama mo are like you. I barely noticed the time and it was so much fun.
We created large breads on our last day and I ate almost all of the Raisin Soft Monay. Actually, i woke up at 2 am and sneaked into the dark kitchen to take a bite of the bread. Yum!
You see, I am truly blessed to have the knowledge of making breads at a whim. I just thought about adding glazed fruits and cranberries next time or maybe my favorite chunky Skippy peanut butter and guava jelly. Mmmm.
Exciting. Going back 1995, I made the right decision enrolling in a 2 year culinary school instead of a computer course. I wouldn't be this happy. I would not have met these beautiful people, my students.
More photos to come.....
Enrollment still on for July to November at