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Kitchen Aid and Breads

Whole Wheat Pandesal made using Kitchen Aid Professional 5 Quart Model.

Kitchen Aid and Breads are not really that too friendly with each other. If you have tried using yours to make batch after batch of breads, you know what i mean. Not gonna work. My first Kitchen Aid experience was way back when, still in college, google eyed and obsessed with making my own Pandesal and well to say the least was not a happy one. Cakes. Check. Icing. Check. Cookies. Check also. Breads. Forget about it.

But i found a way to make it work with less fun fare, meaning, mess and stress in the kitchen. I am just making breads, how come my kitchen looks like a tornado zone? That's what happens when you try to make it work and have no idea how to. Ha ha ha. So finally, after i think about 5 trials, i figured out how to, such a light bulb moment, i feel incredibly pysched, at last, my Kitchen Aid will deliver. More.

One of the perks i reward my students with since i brought this 5 quart Pro Model is that …