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Dealing with Flour, My March session

Below is a photo of my Tercera or Third Class flour that i sifted, and you can see the tiny maggots in. I could the flour and the weevils with it but this is just to show you what the temperature does to your flour. Some say you can still use it, some say throw it away. You either belong to one side for sure but what exactly do you really do?
If my flour has a real weevil, they look black like over fed ants, and if they are really one whole barangay in number, then i throw the flour. If that ever happens to me, which is very rare because i always ran out of flour here and in New York. 
Smell the flour. If it smells foul and rancid, then by all means there is no way you can use that flour. 

Now since there are no weevils, i smelled the flour and it smells like flour so yes, you can still use this one. The next step is to..... clean the container and do not i repeat, make the mistake of saying oh well, there is no more flour inside, blah blah blah.  The container will have residual flo…