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Pandesal Dough

So my nephew and i were baking Pandesal the other week and it was soooo hot in the kitchen despite the left and right electric fans covering all corners. I thought maybe we can just bake half today and let's freeze the dough, we'll think of something to do with it next time, whatever. It was so, nakakatamad gumalaw when it is so hot. There was no air even if we were surrounded by large trees, i have never experienced over 99 degrees of hot air in the Philippines, nah uh. So, we were supposed to mix two kinds of doughs, one for the Pandesal and one for the Calzone he wants to make. Forget about the Calzone dough, which is basically just like a Pizza dough. Lean, sponge and dough based but with very little or no fat and sugar at all. We did just one kilogram of dough, because i just want to stop moving and just sit and relax in front of the electric fan. We baked the Pandesal, and two days after took out the dough from the freezer and looked at it. What if i just use this dou…