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Caldereta Patties/Turnover

My nephew played around with some of the Soft Buns/Flatbread and made some Caldereta Turnovers when he saw the pot of the beef stew on the stove. He asked me if he can do it, and i said of course, why not? I normally do Asado and Corned Beef Buns using the same dough but this one, we went to a different route by creating a sort of Calzone. So while the Soft Buns were proofing, we flattened 4 pieces, filled them with the Beef Stew, sealed and then baked. The Sesame Seeds remains and they will be on the crust side, toasting them and creating a nuttier, crispier crust. Yum! Since the dough has been proofing, aka resting, they flattened easily. Normally, i would scream to the top of my lungs when someone does that to my proofing dough, but this 4 pieces has a purpose in life. To be turned into Calzones is not a bad turnaround. Just make sure there is no extra sauce that clings to the sides, you will have a hard time sealing the edges. I showed John how to do the first piece a…