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Pita Bread, Apple Tree and Mamon

Check out my tumblr post on the Mamon mold experience and my Apple Tree update. Day after i told myself i am not buying a return ticket to New York, i decided to buy three apple trees just like that. Maybe, my guardian angel whispered to me, "not just yet" and so these apple trees will somehow make me endure the long flight from Manila to New York. Was not just the flight though, my job is the most precious thing to me at this stage, i love being with students who share the same passion as i do. That's just it. Something not even the beauty and glitter of New York cannot replace. The sticky on the Mamon issue, read about it in my blog too. Here is the Pita dough and baked breads using the same SOFT BUN formula from the previous post. Take about a hundred grams each for this size. You can make smaller Pitas starting from 50-60 grams and use your toaster oven to bake them instead of the large oven. The Pizza stone should be inside the oven during pre-heating t…