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New York Class

This was the first hands on class in our house in New York, and although i was a bit apprehensive about it since the chill was still in when we started (3 sessions locked in at 63-65 F) only this last one made it to the real summer temperature which was a blessing.

I had to scramble all sorts of tricks in my bag to speed up the proofing, (you will be amazed at the speed i was working) just so the dough will rise on time and my student, Jocelle Uy will still be able to leave for home before night time.

I was surprised that we manage to finish as if we were in Manila. Goes to show that a little prayer and lots of planning work. It was my first time to try this, i never accepted students here before because of the problems with proofing temperature ( i don't have a proofing cabinet, just an improvise one) and even with the make shift baking rack cum heater, i know there would be problems if we will make 3 to 4 kilograms of dough in a day. If say, the batch is way smaller, then no pro…