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Not Baking In Class

This is a story i got from a student from last year's session. It was a rather unusual story and first i heard but what stood out was the fact that it was followed by another story from another student. So, here is this charming lady from Tagaytay who took my bread class and what made her end up in my class was because her son took a bread making class from somewhere but never got to open the bakery they wanted. All equipment in hand, complete with one sack of flour, she decided to give it a try since she can't convince her son to give it a go. It was sad right?

Proof that baking is not for everyone. I don't blame him, he must have some other noble ideas of his own but what i didn't like was the fact that had he gotten some decent training, maybe it would have been different. Not for me to judge because i was not there. Totally. Well, we all have different ideas on how to conduct our classes, same way we are different from each other. I like to make the students work. …