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Rolling A Log or Baston

For bread making beginners, other than the fact that the mixing part is the hardest, this task below is the second most challenging part. If you have been baking cookies and cakes, etc., this one takes you to another level. One that separates the novice from the master and more experienced ones.  The only thing i can advise is that you practice, practice, practice. Nothing else.

First thing you do is to figure out how to make the log smooth and even. Not easy unless you have someone telling you exactly how to make that happen. Once you learn how to do that, you roll the log to tighten the edges, sealing it at the same time. Pro bakers can do this in a wink, do not be frrrrrustrated (i was before) if it is not working out the first 4 times, as long as you get to practice.

The breadcrumbs help the seal to stay put, make sure you pinch well or it will unravel during cutting, proofing and baking.

Then you cut as evenly as possible. Remember, Pandesal is not weighed but sold per piece so …