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Mamon/Light Sponge Cake

Hi Shirley,
thanks for the update/correction. Any suggestion on what was wrong with the way I'm baking a mamon using the chiffon cake recipe I found on a cooking book, it always shrink when cooled down, unlike when I take it out from the oven still hot the entire mold is filled up. Originally the recipe required only 88grams vegetable oil & some flavoring like vanilla or lemon. Does it have a big effect in it's volume when I replace the oil with 100grams salted butter? 'cause I want a more buttery taste mamon. By the way the following is the recipe I've used.
cake flour---------   200g
baking powder---    12g
salt----------------    3g
salted butter-----     100g ------- golden crown butter which is around P30.00 philippine peso/225g- much cheaper than unsalted anchor
white sugar-------    150g
water--------------    140g
8 large egg yolk--- approximate 188g
egg whites from 8 large egg--approx---214g
sugar-----------------80g (for the eggwhite)
cream of tartar---- 2g