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Hands on Baking Classes

Haven't done any postings lately so here it is, as i announce to you guys that you can now make your reservations through SM BDO FAIRVIEW branch, (you can deposit anywhere)just email me once you made the deposit and keep the receipt with you. I will be posting on my twitter my cell number as soon as i arrive in Manila, so you can text me in a jiffy. I thought i can bring some of my high gluten flour with me but both me and my mother are loaded already, that including two boxes i already sent filled with baking tools and gadgets. I might sell some to offset the cost of me staying here, but that depends on whether i feel less iffy and not cling to these tools like paper stuck to a glue. My New York garden has thrive and flourished with very minimal care from moi, just a little tending here and there but at this very moment, i have probably harvested about 30 kilograms of tomatoes and there are still so much to pick until the chill and snow sets in. Bel…