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Much Rounder Soft Buns as promised

Judging from the photos previously posted, you can see how much rounder with a bit of a height these buns have. The secret once again is water, nothing different from the formula from the first post, this one has less water so the dough had less tendency to flatten out. I hate to sound too technical but viscosity is the key, same way when you make jams and jellies. The more viscous, the more it flattens out. If this is the kind of bread you want, then simply reduce the water level, from about 58 to just 56 %. I personally do not make use of the eggwhites so that means i would somehow end up with 58 % still and come up with a dome and thicker pieces of Soft Buns, perfect for burgers. Yup, the burgers. When i first tried to make a flatter Bun using a slightly stiffer dough such as this one by pressing the dough down during proofing, it was hard. I had to go back to the dough maybe 3-4 times, it worked but it was tedious. It was like taking care of a baby, constantly feeding him …