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Learning How to Bake 1

From Marilou See (Philippines) thank you for your emails, keep sending them... I love to hear your stories... The first time I made bread, mano mano po..ang lakas ng loob no? I study at Heny Sison, kaya lang wala ako natutunan kasi mixer ang gamit nila tapos yung mga assistant, di naman tinuro sa amin, basta pag nakita nila okie ang dough, inalis na lang sa mixer tapos binigay sa amin, para magknead ng around 1 minute voila  finish na. nagself study po ako thru internet at forum, there is one forum in Malaysia and Singapore based who are very helpful, who readily helps me understand breadmaking...I send them photos and konting description and they would tell me where I make a mistake or will praise me if I made it right.  I also have tried mixer (which is very easy) kaya lang hindi heavy duty ang mixer ko, it conked out on me when making bread.  siguro mas gusto niya cakes and cookies lang ang mix nito.  kaya back to the old working table ako. = ( kaya for your  ebook, I…