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Whole wheat pandesal

If you have a favorite Pandesal recipe, know how to compute the Baker's Percent, then you can work out a way to make your own Whole Wheat version. My mother is having a problem with her cholesterol, being 79 years old and all and loving life, meaning "eating". Honestly, i laugh inside when i see her munching like a rabbit all the time, easy Ma.

So i said to her, i will make her these Whole Wheat version, low on fat and sugar, not the kind i use to bake with 18% sugar. She just likes to munch on something, i used 20% whole wheat so that will do her some good at least.

I used a sponge and dough method always when i make anything with whole wheat flour or cracked wheat. If you bake with whole wheat, notice there is very minimal "ovenspring" going on after the first few minutes of baking, do not be surprised. The volume always suffers when you bake with whole wheat but there are always tricks of the trade professional bakers apply, troubleshooting has its own sepa…