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Day 2 Commercial Bread Making Hands On Class

Took some samples off the second day session to make a platter of some sorts, a bread tray of day 2,Soft Buns which would be the base for Hamburger Buns or Pan de Limon, Pan de Lito, Hotdog Buns, Pan De coco etc., Pizza from the Lean dough formula, which can be made also into French Breads, Ciabatta, Foccacia, Cinnamon Rolls.

Schedule of Baking Classes for December is on the 9th, 12, 14.
January 10, 13 15
February 1 3 5, my last one before i go back to New York. When i will be back to Manila again, i have no idea, it depends on what America gives.

You can still catch up the Cake decorating lessons, there will be no baking this time just pure decorating because time does not allow it, you can have the baking pre scheduled ahead of time if you want to, i need at least 3 students to do the session.

I made two batches of the Red Velvet Cupcake, topped with prepared sugar flowers (Royal Icing) and Cream Cheese Frosting with Coffee flavoring.

The Red Velvet Cake ready to be loaded into the …