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Bake and discover

Baking and at the same time discovering the many facets of baking from the ingredients to the people doing the baking. That's where my life evolve as of now and for the past 15 some years.  I sound old. Not too bad considering i do really know how to bake my breads. But  part of the fun is when you discover stuff you never expected such as garlic added to the dough may have helped the proofing when you made a Ciabatta. I am not saying it is proven yet but I did notice it several times already.Or when you replaced the potatoes with the box type and get a surprising flavor you have never tasted before in a Pandesal. Or when the bread did not rise because you pureed the raisins and turns out it retards proofing....That's  baking to you. When I explain to students how difficult it is to deal with the water in the dough, i  try my best not to discourage them. It is what it is. The only way to get perfect results is to keep baking and find out how  fascinating yeast dough is. You di…