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Basic Yeast Dough Baking


-- One of my very few favorite breads to eat when i want some carbs, usually half of these batch is destined of course to my sister's house since she and my niece love it, but not anymore since i left 2 months ago. The only difficult thing about this recipe is that, raisins are unpredictable when you use them in baking. If they are too dry, they soak up the moisture in the batter or dough, too wet, makes for a sticky dough. They also have the tendency to fall out of the baked bread, and burn when you forget to soak them.

Soak the raisins in warm water at least two hours before using them, then drain at least an hour before you start mixing.

Never add the raisins during mixing, pulse them AFTER THE GLUTEN has developed or you will wait for 2 days for this dough to rise!!! The crushed raisins affect the fermentation, believe me it happened to me. Add the raisins gradually while pulsing the mixer at low speed until the raisins/and nuts is distributed in the dough.…