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Sesame Seed Pandesal

The only good reason to use the phrase "buttering up" is with these hot fresh off the oven Sesame Seed Pandesal.

So i decided to use this brown sesame seeds i bought in Patel's in East Brunswick, New Jersey. It is unlike your regular sesame seeds, these are plump, larger and of course brown. So why not a Pandesal with a Sesame Seed topping? Hmmm, to do it, i have to spray the top of the rounded or shaped dough with water, then dunk it on a plate of sesame seeds, adding a dredging of the traditional breadcrumbs alongside. Not bad.
First off i have to make a sponge, if you are at the mercy of the flour we have here, with my formula, you have to make a sponge. I fermented this overnight, about 12 hours.

Because it is made with whole grain, about 3%, this sponge will ferment fast so i kept it inside our pantry which gets really cold especially at night. I made this around late April, and it was still very cold in our house, around 63-64 with the heater on. Pantry can get t…