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Baking with Sponge

My main focus when i teach bread making is how to commercially produce breads, which means large batches, and so it goes on to say that i would normally work on at least a kilogram when i hold a class. You can understand my discomfort when i attempt to do such over a a household type mixer such as Kitchen Aid. Kitchen Aid may work, but then again, not with the formulas i use.

We Pinoys love sweet, fluffy and flavorful breads. Some of my former students who open their bakeries use up to 24 % sugar in their recipes, i even heard one who used 26%. My recipes range from 15-19% only, but despite that, a Kitchen Aid will still have a hard time finishing a 300 gram dough in under 30 minutes.

30 minutes is pretty darn long, my 20 quart can whip up a 2 kilogram dough (NO TIME DOUGH METHOD) in 12 minutes. So what do you do when you drop by a client's house and all you see is a Kitchen Aid?

Better with a Kitchen Aid, than nothing! So instead of working on with 3 kilograms a day, i reduce th…