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Malunggay Pandesal

Just got a call 'again' from GMA 7, probably one of their researchers if i could do a videotaped demo on Malunggay Pandesal with a couple of their GMA KID talents. I had to beg off on this one, for the second time and i could not think of anyone to recommend really. Anyone who is interested to be ON TV, feel free to drop me a message so i can give him your name.

The first time i was asked to do a video on Malunggay Pandesal was about 2008 i guess, i got a visit from one of Jessica Soho's researcher and we talked about the videotaping thing but i cancelled it when they did not arrive as planned. I am a fan of Jessica Soho among the many other magazine shows i watch from both rival channels so i was surprised when they aired the story on Malunggay Pandesal that weekend itself. So fast huh, i thought they can or store and preserve shows in the studio but it was impressive that they can do the feature show in just a week.

Anyway, my nephew wanted me to do the video, i had to p…