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Baking Schedule October to March 2013

You can now see the detailed lessons in my website, for Commercial Bread making and Cake Decorating. I will also add a class on Baking Cakes for Beginners, the very basic such as Butter cakes, Pound Cakes, Banana and Chocolate Cakes that you can turn in to Cupcakes if needed be. For the Cake Decorating, i give the students the option to take an extra session day if they want to for either of the three lessons which are Gumpaste and Fondant, Buttercream (not the confectioner's but the real Buttercream) and Royal Icing. I will only give one day lessons for each but if you want to extend it up to 2 days, then you are free to do so, minimum is at least two students. If you look at my website, the tools you need are all there including images of what the lessons might be. If you have no tools available for your use in class, i will allow you to borrow mine, but you need to purchase them later for your practice. If you ask me, i would start with the Butterc…