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The Unusually Dark Siopao (dumpling)

I can now confirm it. Gold Medal in the US, and i can show you the proof here, is so much different from our Gold Medal back home in the Philippines. Mixing time is different. Proofing time is different. I can take that. I have a 20 quart heavy duty mixer. This guy can take it. Yeah, he is my friend so he deserves a different persona.

But wait till you get a look at the dough. It freaked me out. I tried at least 3 kinds of all purpose flours before, usually the ones my brother from Canada brings me and this was the darkest Siopao i have ever made, bar none.

It's like using oxidized water or something, it is not yellowish, it is grayish yellow. Ugly.
See for yourself. The only explanation i have is that New York or the US being so concerned about the health implications of BLEACHING with chlorine has banned it outright. Maybe so. Bleaching strengthens the dough, it improves machineability, dough tolerance, increases shelf life etc., but it is a chemical process. They banned trans …