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Commercial Breadmaking July 2017 Session

Just posting an updated Bread making session with my friend from facebook from a long time ago. She is a friend whom i met through facebook and we don't get to meet here in Manila until i decide not to leave last May. If i left as scheduled, we both would miss each other again as it happens every year for like what,,, 4 years or so???

Anyways, here are the photos. She brought with her Surfina, a bread flour from Belgium and it is what she said it is, it does not work well for French Breads, maybe Pandesal and flatbreads but the water is way too low although i kinda like the yellowish cornmeal like color. It makes you think it's rich in something :)

To my July batch, i thank you. For the laughs and well, i apologize if i was only able to serve you pancit on the last day because my helper/cook/is incognito...

Baking classes, both one on one and the group (very small group) is ongoing, so text me at 09495705091 if you are dying to eat homemade breads. I will once again explain wh…