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Putok. Yeah, We Love It.

Not sure why, but we do love our siksik na Putok. The chewiness, the sugar, that crunch on top while it's hot and so on. Look at the photo and see why there seems to be two sizes on the same baking sheet. That's because they are both from the same batch, just baked separately to get the effect and texture we want.
How hard is it to make one? Not that hard considering you can even knead the dough by hand if you want to. There are less rules when it comes to adding the water because you can go as stiff as you want, and the operative word is really stiff.  The sugar on top should be added just before baking, it is imperative that you use white sugar or brown will make the whole eating experience, very unpleasant. Just not like we want it to be.
The milk, yes the milk. You can go and use the creamiest milk powder you have and it will be fantastic. I teach this bread or we do it first day of our session so i can show the class a type of a stiff dough.

See below the siksik texture …