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I have posted some entries on my website regarding how to perfect your steamed and baked siopao buns, i remember one student from Bicol province who said it reminded him of the baked siopao buns his mother made for him. Yes, you can bake these buns if you like. You will not encounter problems with shrinking tops since the surface is exposed to more dry heat than steaming, creating a golden brown crust. Another student requested that we toast the tops, and so we did, their versions also in bicol, (he attended the class with his wife and 10 year old kid)has hard boiled eggs for filling.

Which i did last week and this week again. It makes the siopao more filling, the longganisa and chorizo versions were not popular at our household so i used slices of salted eggs and hard boiled eggs instead.

the biggest tip,

Again, never uncover the steaming buns after steaming them. Just leave the lid or cover, let the buns cool off for a few minutes then take them to a warmer (if you want to serve them …