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Showing posts from June 22, 2011

Do I Love Cheese?

Somehow i miss Eden Cheese. We went to the Filipino store last year near our place and it was a whopping $3.49 each. Hello? That's like only P35.00 back home. This is more than triple its price. Okay, so it is imported, whatever but there are so many cheeses to choose from here anyway so i did not bother. When my brother from Canada asked me what i wanted from Walmart when they went there one time, i of course will not miss on asking for a block of cheese. I can make the bread, i just need the cheese. So here it is, the Pandesal i baked with American style Light Cheddar Cheese. My nephews did not like it at first, it has a slightly sour flavor, something we Pinoys are not used to, but once toasted, the cheese melts and becomes delightfully creamy.

For the Spaghetti, i basically made a meatless tomato sauce, this one here has some minced clams in them. Nothing fancy, i start out with the basic ingredients of garlic and onions, freshly pureed whole plum tomatoes, celery, basil, ch…