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Baking Cakes and Decorating

Just finished my cake classes and basic royal icing and buttercream  decorating the other day and I am so happy with the results. My students never had a background so it was kinda like walking on egg shells as I have to be careful not to step on the gas too much. 
Honestly, my student said one of them had a headache after the first day of cake decorating. I think I went too fast I admit that so instead of just two days of cake decorating we stretched it for 3 days so they won't get a nose bleed.
It was fun. I did not teach cake decorating last year because my brother died and I was not up to it. This time I had to dig up stored cake deco tools and stuff for my student's one on one session. Didn't realize i have very few Wilton piping paper which I prefer over Ateco. Why not Ateco? The tape does not adhere, in fact i still have a roll of this stuff and i just use it to line my cookie sheets.
So i ran out of parchment paper and since I did it intend to teach,  I left abot…