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Baking Pizza with Prepared Crust, Hummus and Veggie Style

Using the prepared crust i made (seen on my previous blog here), i spread my homemade soybean hummus thinly...

No need to thaw the frozen crust before topping, but pre-heat your oven 30 minutes before you start working on the pizza. You need a very hot oven for this.

Spread tomato sauce, i used leftover spaghetti sauce here, it has extra flavor so i like using spaghetti sauces for pizzas. Top with onions, tomatoes, peppers etc.,
Bake at a high 500 F oven, if you have a pizza stone, the better...until crust is golden brown crispy.

Cut and serve immediately. Very good candidate for freezing, leftovers can be wrapped and then re-heated to make the crust crispy again..
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