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What's A Girl Doing In the Kitchen?

When I left the restaurant scene out of a broken eardrum (no, not from swimmer's ear) I decided to take up on baking seriously since i know i will not dwell well in the hot kitchen or as we call it "the back of the house".. It was hot, you bump on to guys who are sweating round the clock and being new and a "girl" you kinda like the unofficial muse in the kitchen and nobody takes you seriously.

Seriously. It is true, these guys all 8 of them trained together for a month before they opened the restaurant so they know each other. Here you are, apprenticing and so small you look pretty much like you entered the restaurant looking for your father. Meaning one of the cooks.

For a while you do not seem to care, but later on as the gruelling task of unending potato peeling and onion chopping, you feel like you needed to say something, or else, you will be buried with more potatoes and onions to peel and chop. Not that it looked so bad, after all there were 3 of us. Ve…