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Showing posts from December 2, 2010

Final Cakes

Just finished doing my final cakes from all of the three courses i attended at Golda's Kitchen in Ontario, and i must say it was the best decision i made so far upon coming here. I did not know what was going through my mind for taking such a big leap, (for me it was since i hated decorating cakes before), i think someone just whispered to me and told me, "hey, you snap out of it and do this".

So i did, thanks to my brother who supported me all the way. You have got to have a brother like him to get you sign up for something like this, although decorating cakes was not as alien as cleaning windows off the 60th floor for me, it was something i find disdainful because there is so much dainty little bitty things to do for such an extended length of time. Imagine you sitting down for house and finishing only a couple of flowers such as an orchid? I could have made 5 kilograms of pandesal with that much time.

Well, there is really a time for everything eh. (that's what so…