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Pretzel using Soft Bun Dough

Shaping the Pretzel, this one is portioned into large 100 gram pieces. This is my first time to make one so bear with me. Pinoys do not really eat Soft Pretzels and Aunt Annie's isn't exactly my favorite hang out. Flatten the dough and roll into a long 18-20 inch strip and twist. After proofing for like 25 minutes, boil the dough for around 2 minutes on each side on a brown sugar and baking soda bath, about a couple of tablespoons each on a 3-4 liters of water. Not rolling boil, but slightly simmering, use a large slotted spatula to scoop the dough and onto a dish cloth dusted with cornmeal, then bake. Before baking, you might want to glaze the top with eggwash and seeds of your choice, flax, sesame, poppy etc., Bake at 325 F for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown. I used the Soft Bun dough which i have been harping on these past few blogs only because it is the most versatile dough you can ever make in the kitchen. It makes Pandesal, Dinner rolls, Hotdog buns,…