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We just finished two sessions of cookies and cakes with former breadmaking students of mine, sort of a reunion to some since 4 of the attendees were from my february class. They put up the class together and i gathered up the recipes from the dust and we hit it. It was fun, we exchange stories of how their bakeries are doing, one couple are planning to put up another branch, complementing on how "better than .... my pullman recipe was" according to their customers.

"She" she said, while i was washing my hands, "ang sasarap ng mga recipes mo", to which i couldn't say much since i was getting ready for our lunch. They were happy with what we did, the sponge cake, decorating the kababayans, the icing and the cream puffs, etc., If they were happy, i think i was happier seeing them like that. We laughed when bobby said his brownie which cost p150.00 sold for p750.00. That's more like it, learn and earn.

good luck guys!!!