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From Bread flour to Wheatgrass

I ordered some wheat berries and well, i think i am miles away from grinding my own bread flour so it would be best to try growing some for juicing first. We'll see what happens. Just to show you, it is very easy technically but back breaking if you are as tiny as i am. 9 days is all it needs and you can harvest your wheat grass for juicing. Unlike the pulp from carrots, celery and apples the wheat grass pulp are not recyclable. I put the veggie and fruit pulp in burgers and soups, pasta sauces, pancakes etc., but the wheat grass pulp is pretty much like a dish washing scrub. Just put it in your compost bin for good measure. Here it is, i ordered mine online and you need a sturdy juicer to get most of the juice from the grass itself. Soak the seeds for 2 days, not 2 8 hours but a full 48 hours. 2 days after, put the seeds or sprouts in a 2 inch vermiculite, any tray with holes will do. 3 days later 5 days after 7 days later Harvesting time, 9-10 days once you se…