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Calbest or Weisenberger???

I spent 3 days, (not the whole day) searching for the best Bread flour i can get my hands on and had a hard time doing so. To this day, i still have nightmares (oa ko no?)about leaving the still full 6 kilograms of Hard Wheat flour, top of the line Emperor Purefood's (free advert)in Fairview. Hmmm, let me see, i was wondering, what could i have left out instead? The bleached All purpose flour for Mama's Siopao, or the 3rd class flour for the Monay?(which my family has not tasted yet). The powdered milk? Nah. What i get from the internet is not branded. Mama's Malunggay pills? Nope. **incidentally, i will make a whole piece on this Malunggay phenomenon next.

Bingo! The bread flour loses to all my mother's bilins, but i will make it sure that i will bring some next time. Promise. So the other day, i decided to go for Calbest HIgh Gluten Bread flour from Honeyville. Believe me, i visited about 100 sites just to even it out, and the most glaring truth is out there. Pathet…