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November and December Baking

It was the usual busy baking months, not because i am selling breads or cakes like before but due mostly to my 1 on 1 sessions which seemed to converge in these two last months of the year.

I would like to thank them all, from Josephine T who even gave me 2 aloe vera plants and 1 dama de noche (glad to tell you they are all thriving well) down to the last one for the month, Glenda Villespin. I wish you all the luck, from finding the best oven and mixers down to the best bread flour in your area. I wish that the coming year would be an absolute baking bliss for you and your families.

While lunching on my homemade Walnut and Rosemary Focaccia toasts, i can't help but think of the facebook posts i read and view every day, from past students who now have their own bakeries and are selling online goodies. May your numbers increase and keep up the good work. I hope you find the joy of baking inside and out.

Baking is not easy if you don't like it to begin with. I always tell my stud…