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Favorite Meal Pizza and Gardening

If there is one single most favorite bread based meal request there is, nothing beats Pizza and its variations. And being a Pizza and flat bread lover that i am, i cannot wait for the morning to jump start my pizza making chores. Of course, with the assortments of toppings i can scavenge from the pantry and fridge.

If you think about it, Pizza and French dough is like a dough that cannot be described as hard and easy. I think both words can describe it because my pizza/french dough takes at least 3 days to make, day 1 for the sponge, day 2 first mix, day 3 final mix where you get to use the dough for your breads.

That makes it hard. Hard to understand why i have to spend 3 days to make it when you can buy a baguette and ready made pizza dough for 50 to 60 pesos right? Well you see, it's the flavor and aroma and texture and.... so on. I cannot tell you exactly, nor describe it to you point by point, to make it short, nothing beats freshly made slow rise baguette and pizza crust. No…